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is a proof of concept, assembled by Nick Boumans that can be used as a starter project that includes:
  1. a Site Collection Feature (Site Scope) with
  2. a Publishing Starter Master Page (make sure you grab the latest version from:
  3. that contains a Mega Drop Down Menu

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Update 13 november 2010: Change the content of the Mega Drop Down Menu from a SharePoint List.


SharePoint 2010 Starter Masterpage Customization by a feature

To customize a masterpage in SharePoint 2010, you can customize the default master page. In some situations it may be useful to start from a minimum masterpage version. A starter master page which I use often is that of Randy Drisgill on CodePlex
To create a reusable master page it is recommended to create a feature for deploymend, as Mirjam van Olst describes on her blog

SharePoint 2010 Mega Dropdown Menu

Nowadays some sites often use a Mega Dropdown Navigation. As Jakob Nielsen describes “Big, two-dimensional drop-down panel group to Eliminate scrolling navigation options and use typography, icons, and tooltips to explain the user's choices".
Guillaume Marty describes this Mega Drop Menu on his blog:


  1. Download the .wsp-file and deploy it by using PowerShell or stsadm.exe
  2. Activate the Feature (by deactivating the feature, the default masterpage will be replaced
  3. On top of the Site Collection there is a list called: Mega Drop Down List were you can edit the items (and add new ones). Make sure you order the items from 0 to N (the columns).

Another option is to load the source files into Visual Studio 2010, Hit the F5 button and debug the package.


  • Starter project for a customized branding
  • Starter Masterpage deployed by a feature (I centered the layout but you can easy customize)
  • Creating a custom list by a feature, add some columns and add items to the list from code (a.k. provisioning)
  • Mega drop down menu which you can easy modify by editing items in the custom list (Mega Drop Down List) or change the Style Sheet (CSS) in the Style Library
  • Starter project for developers where you can learn how to set up a SharePoint project (and deployment) in Visual Studio 2010


Please respect the orignial authors and their original licenses usages (also described in the source code).

Special Thanks

Special thanks to: Mirjam van Olst, Randy Drisgill and Guillaume Marty for their brilliant blogposts.

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